About Us

Epanel Construction Company is a Kenyan owned and managed company based in Nairobi. The company was incorporated to meet the increasing demand for efficient and effective construction and maintenance companies. This requires on-time delivery, affordable services and quality workman-ship. This has to be done professionally in a manner that both satisfies the customer needs as well as other stakeholders’ needs. The company has signed an agency agreement with a Kenyan company called Cemex Holdings Company which is involved in manufacture of EPS panels and Building Systems.

Epanel Construction Company is an initiative of the current directors and shareholders who have a keen interest in the building and construction industry.

Why Epanel Construction Ltd

There is therefore a need for firms that recognise project requirements and firms that deliver the quality and consistency which the client needs and has a right to. We at Epanel Construction have the qualities and right mix of expertise in place that set us above the rest, which are;

Need assessment

We realise that projects exist to satisfy client needs and therefore we venture through the project cycle to meeting the needs of not only the client but also the Consultants and Architects. This enables us to provide the most effective and efficient service.

Construction Management

In the process of the project we draw up a schedule of work, which is adhered to and is adjusted if the need arises. Progress reports are presented at every step of the project. A line of communication is kept open at all times with all consultants to enable us resolve all matters that arise ensuring professionalism as well as ensuring the project is on schedule and on budget.

Associated Services

Projects have various other stakeholders who are important in its completion. We therefore have scheduled meetings with sub-contractors as well as other specialists to ensure we all work as a team in achieving the successful completion of the project.

Project Liability

In the process of winding up of a project we have two handovers. The first handover is undertaken before project completion to allow the Project manager to inspect the works and draw up a snag list and any other touch-ups that arise. The last handover occurs after final payment is settled and the architects and Consultants’ are satisfied that the project is successful.